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You May Soon be Playing “Instant Games” on Facebook Messenger

Messenger was quite a strange idea to us at first. Why did we have to download another app, just to message on Facebook? But ever since the conception of Messenger, it’s been evolving rapidly. There were pretty cute stickers, then video chat, then bots, and followed by Snapchat-style filters. Zuckerberg has turned Messenger into a platform where you can do more than just chatting. It’s now possible to do you shopping and even play games (in the near future) on it.

For Messenger, the next great leap will be the implementation of games. Major studios such as King (that made Candy Crush) are working with Facebook on some titles for its imminent launch. Facebook will be branding these games as Instant Games.

We could have seen this coming a mile away, since we’ve seen Facebook implement mini chess games, football, and basketball mini-games into its app, if you know the right tips and tricks to make these games appear.

Nevertheless, this implementation of Instant Games takes it to the next level to get you to continue using Messenger instead of the other chatting apps you can find in the App Store or Play Store. It hasn’t quite caught on yet, but Messenger has a lot of potential. If you could Snapchat, play games, and make purchases all within one app, Facebook will have created a perfect self-sustaining ecosystem. But of course, every time you make in-app purchases or transactions, Mr Zuckerberg might take a cut of the profits.

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