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Newly leaked GTA V screen captures showcase incredible graphics

GTA V screen capture 22

There have been many concerns centered on how Grand Theft Auto V will look while being played by everyday gamers on current-gen consoles. Many titles that are released for both Xbox 360 and PS3 differ in many ways–the most obvious being graphical comparisons.

The promo vids and trailers published by Rockstar are impressive enough, but as we all know, the actual in-game experience is scaled down quite a bit when gamers get their hands on it.

Apparently isn’t the case with GTA V.

GTA V screen capture 13

A sizable batch of high-res in-game screenshots have been leaked that show the impressive fidelity of Grand Theft Auto V, showcasing the fruits of Rockstar’s considerable labors. The graphics and lighting are all amazingly clear and pristine, allaying the blurry snapshots and shaky low-res footage that usually accompanies leaked game footage.

The leaked screens are a spectacle of ingenuity and innovation, and show first-hand how Rockstar has paved the way to get the most out of current-gen consoles.

The graphics are so sharp and fine that the screens resemble the next-generation of console gaming, and it’d be easy to believe these were taken from a PS4 or Xbox One copy.

GTA V screen capture 26

Rockstar predicted that leaks would start spreading on the net (no doubt from gamers who have received advance review copies), but these screens don’t really spoil anything and are a means of underlining the game’s already-prestigious anticipation.

So far GTA V‘s full map has been leaked along with a plethora of other info from it’s official Brady Games strategy guide, and as the date nears–just mere days away now!–we’ll probably see even more info make its way onto the internet.

Check below for an expansive gallery on the leaked images, all of which are quite colorful and highlight a variety of scenes from Rockstar’s iconic crime caper. Unfortunately we’re not sure which console the images where captured from, and they may be mixed between Xbox 360 and PS3 or just be taken from one or the other.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming in just four days on Sept. 17, 2013. For more info be sure to check our recent coverage or visit the game’s official website.

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