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Marvel Focuses On SEA Mobile Gamers with Local Hero Quartet, Exclusive Beta

It’s not quite the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, but Netmarble’s Warriors of the Sky quartet of new heroes for Marvel Future Fight brings the extraordinary much closer to home with backgrounds based in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In addition to a team of four original Super Heroes with regional backstories coming to Future War, Marvel touched on its first MOBA for mobile: the upcoming Marvel Super War. Image: Marvel

Also announced at Thailand Game Show 2019 is a second beta for Marvel Super War, exclusively open from today (25th October) to pre-registrants from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India.

We had the exclusive scoop in a tele-interview with Marvel Games Senior Producer Danny Koo, Netmarble Executive Producer Joe Lee, and NetEase Senior Marketing Director Kimi Xu. They were at Bangkok for Thailand Game Show, pending announcements we will cover below.

Marvel Future War: new “Warriors of the Sky” East Asian heroes

In its fifth year, Marvel Future Fight has seen over 50 million installs on the Google Play Store alone. Joining previously-launched fellow East Asian characters Luna Snow and Crescent & Io are four original Super Heroes in a new Warriors of the Sky team.

Inspired by East Asian mythology, the four characters, War Tiger, Blue Dragon, Sun Bird and Shadow Shell represent the four mythical cardinal guardians.

The quartet of heroes coming to Marvel’s Future War: War Tiger, Blue Dragon, Shadow Shell and Sun Bird (Left to Right). Image: Marvel

War Tiger on the West is an ancient Thai general that defends against evil with his Tiger’s Fang and immense power. On the East, Blue Dragon hails from a noble Vietnamese bloodline, armed with a heirloom spear and whip to lead the Warriors of the Sky into battle. She also has the ability to transform objects into draconic weapons on touch.

A Malaysian Pirate, Sun Bird is guardian of the South, and is an agile healer reborn from the 1600s with the power of his double krises. Lastly, Shadow Shell protects the North from range with an advanced rifle and Ba Gua energy shield. From Taiwan, Shadow Shell is impervious to toxic elements and is the tactician and strategist of the team.

These new characters join Luna Snow at the Thailand Game Show stage, where the previously-release K-Pop Super Hero will perform her first hit single live – with vocals provided by Hyungseo, real-life member of K-Pop girl group Busters.

Though the developers were unable to comment on comic-book spinoffs for the four original Warriors of the Sky characters, Luna Snow and Crescent & Io had enjoyed one-off spinoff comics launched just recently.

Exclusive Regional Beta For Marvel Super War

Marvel’s first MOBA game on mobile, Marvel Super War recreates the synergy and adventure of Marvel’s characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Black Panther amongst others with its team-based gameplay.

The second beta of the upcoming Marvel Super War will be exclusively open to select countries in South and Southeast Asia. Image: Marvel

It comes out of its first beta test held across Southeast Asia this May, where it had over 1.5 million participants. Developer NetEase has slated a second beta test slated for November 21st 2019, allowing more users to have another chance to take part in the development of the game as they refine the UI, characters and balance.

This beta is only open to those from the region who pre-register. Participants in the second beta will have the opportunity to access exclusive Heroes and avatars, as they battle in the jungle environment of Wakanda.

At the Thailand Game Show, a 5v5 set-up will be available for participants to experience Marvel Super War from between October 25 -27, at TGS Stall #P5.

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