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Market report indicates iPhone 5C being outsold two-to-one by the iPhone 5S

A new report cites a survey of U.S. customers who purchased the new iPhones which reveals that the iPhone 5C is being outsold two to one by the high-end model, the iPhone 5S.


U.S. customers who purchased iPhones in September were surveyed by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The survey reveals that iPhone 5S is outselling the iPhone 5C by a two to one margin. In that particular period of time, iPhone 5S accounted for 64 percent of total iPhone sales whereas the plastic iPhone only accounted for 27 percent of the sales. The remaining 9 percent was filled up by the iPhone 4S. The report settles fears, at least for now, that the low cost iPhone would somehow end up cannibalizing the customer based that would have otherwise opted for an iPhone 5S had Apple not released two new iPhones at once.

Such fears were been thrown around prior to the launch of the new iPhones. Since the launch on September 20, strong demand has been witnessed for the iPhone 5S, though it doesn’t appear to be that high for the iPhone 5C as many people anticipated it would be. CIRP’s research indicates that the iPhone 5C’s sales performance is relative to that of the iPhone 4S when it was demoted to the level of a legacy device after the launch of last year’s flagship. Despite the fact that its $100 cheaper, on contract, than the iPhone 5S, a striking majority of the customers have went for the high-end iPhone.

This isn’t the first time that there has been speculation about weak iPhone 5C demand. Only recently it was rumored that Apple has ordered its manufacturers to cut down iPhone 5C production to half, bringing it down from 300,000 units a day to 150,000 units a day. So while the iPhone 5S seems to have cemented its position, it would be interesting to see how the iPhone 5C performs in terms of sales over the next few months.

Source: AllThingsD

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