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Manufacturers allegedly ignoring Windows Phone 8 due to high licensing fees

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It looks like most manufacturers are giving the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem a cold shoulder, mainly due to high licensing fees demanded by Microsoft and Nokia’s stronghold on the platform. This move would be a further deterrent to Microsoft’s goal of gaining a foothold in the mobile ecosystem.

When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8, it cited Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei as the four manufacturers that were going to launch devices on the platform. A year on, that number hasn’t grown. Reluctance by most manufacturers to get on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon might be due to the fact that Windows Phone 8 currently has a global smartphone market share of only 3%, of which Nokia accounts for around 70% handset sales.

Taiwanese-based sources mentioned that vendors like Acer, ASUS and ZTE were going to launch Windows Phone 8 devices in 2013, but have since put their plans on hold as Microsoft was unwilling to lower the licensing charge rates for Windows Phone 8. These vendors are now looking to focus their attention on Google’s Android, which does not have any such licensing fees, and is the leading mobile ecosystem in the world.

These sources also quoted that,” Since Microsoft offered WP8 in the fourth quarter of 2012, Nokia has focused on the platform and has so far launched six WP8 smartphone models. Samsung Electronics, Taiwan-based HTC and China-based Huawei Device launched WP8 smartphones initially but then have not launched additional models.”

Also, it looks like these vendors do not want to go head-to-head with Nokia, which enjoys the lion’s share of the market when it comes to Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia has enjoyed a lot of success with its Lumia series, and its latest device is likely going a feature a 41 MP sensor with a mechanical shutter. Huawei is also likely to unveil a new water resistant handset later this month. With other manufacturers looking to ignore the Windows ecosystem, at least for this year, it looks like it is down to the vendors who are already making Windows 8 devices to carry on the torch for Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem.

Source: Neowin

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