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Mantle patch for ‘Battlefield 4’ reportedly delayed again

Patch originally scheduled for the fall has been pushed to the end of February.


The patch for Battlefield 4 which will allow the game to take advantage of AMD’s Mantle API has been delayed again.

According to a screenshot of a chat with an EA technical support representative provided by Twitter user Ruben Santana, the patch — originally expected in November — will be delayed until the end of February. If the patch were to be launched in January it missed the expected launch window of the week of January 20-24.

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AMD first announced Mantle at its #gpu14 event in September in Honolulu. Battlefield 4 one of the launch titles of the platform. At January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, AMD said Battlefield 4 with the Mantle patch will be “up to 45 percent faster than the original version on this same hardware.”

Neither EA nor AMD have officially confirmed the delay.

Source: Twitter

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