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Man trades his testicle for a Nissan 370Z

A Nissan 370Z is worth one nut, but not just any nut.


A man is reportedly going to sell one of his testicles for $35,000, and what else can he do with the money besides buy a sports car?

Mark Parisi’s, a marketer for a coffee shop and bakery, nut will be used for research at an unnamed institution.  This walking-talking human guinea pig and parts dealer is not new to the paid experiments profession.  Parisi recently took part in an Ebola study that gave him a payout of $5,000, and, according to him, he netted over $150,000 in the last two years by being a test subject.

Say what you want about this brave man.  At the end of the day, he will be the one cruising past us in a brand spanking new 2014 370Z.  He’s got a lot of balls (correction: one ball), that’s for sure. Hopefully he’ll still have enough left in him to floor it and drive the car like it’s meant to be driven.

[youtube id=”sgg4-1lVuFo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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