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Man killed by RC Helicopter

A Swiss man enjoying a day out with his remote-controlled helicopter, was subsequently murdered by the model aircraft after it cut his head and arms.


A 41-year-old man was killed in a freak accident while flying his remote-controlled helicopter. The man had severe cuts on his arms and head. Local police is launching an investigation into the matter, and while the exact circumstances surrounding his death still haven’t been disclosed. it’s likely to assume that the helicopter caused the injuries. The man’s body was discovered by a pedestrian, about 25 kilometers from Lucerne in the Mauensee area of Switzerland.

The hobby helicopter was a Gaui X7 which usually sells for around $1,000. It weighs roughly 2.3 kg and has a 1.61 meter main rotor. It isn’t hard to imagine how one might have gotten a little too close and accidentally have been cut. RC-helicopters have very high rotor speeds; many reach angular velocities of 70 rad/s, which for the X7 is like being hit by the rotor blade’s tip at 400 km/h.


The Gaui X7

Though RC-helicopter related deaths are rare, they do happen on occasion: In 2003, a Texas RC-instructor, Ronald Kyle, was struck in the throat by an out of control remote-control helicopter, and other deaths have been reported in both Hong Kong and Brazil.

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