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What Makes the Google Pixel the Best Smartphone Camera

Credits: Droid Life
Credits: Droid Life

Google Pixel scored 88 on the DxOMark, an unprecedented achievement for smartphone cameras. This is the highest score a smartphone camera has achieved, outperforming even flagships like the Samsung S7 Edge. So what exactly makes the Google Pixel the King of smartphone photography? It’s the software, not the hardware.

On paper, the Google Pixel doesn’t have a superb camera. Specs wise, it only has a 12MP camera, a f/2.0 aperture and no image stabilisation. That just spells midrange smartphone essentially. However, the photos it takes surpasses even the iPhone 7 and Samsung S7. The key to its success is its incredibly well-designed software made by Google’s engineers.

Credits: Tech Times

For one, the HDR+ mode on the Pixel is revolutionary. When you tap on the shutter button on the Pixel, you don’t take a photo. The camera has already been taking tons of photos before, it just records when to stop the shots. What HDR does is take many photos of the same thing and then blend them together. This helps alter the exposure in each shot and blend it all into one well-balanced shot. However, most smartphones end up with a photo that may look a little strange due to strange colour combinations. The Google Pixel on the other hand, takes underexposed shots which when blended together, gives you a shot with just the right exposure. The shadows and dark parts that often suffer, will also become much better lit and less noisy because statistically, taking in more light for those shots, which helps reduce the noise and static images you get from low-level shots.

I have yet to try out the Pixel for myself, but the reviews seem to be looking good. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some real-life shots myself soon.

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