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Make it stop: Android L, Nexus 6 and 9 rumors and theories spin out of control

Google keeps trolling Android enthusiasts as to the dessert name of build L, the first on-contract price hints for the Nexus 6 just surfaced, and the Nexus 9 is certain to see daylight later today on track for a November 3 launch.

Android L teaser

It’s been a productive recent few weeks for everyone into Google-powered sweets, and there’s almost nothing left to the imagination in regards to the next-generation Nexus hardware pair. Almost nothing.

The latest source to corroborate the possibility of both the N6 phone and N9 tablet cropping up today, on the 15th, is Forbes, and we don’t have to vouch for the publication’s credibility. Their reputation speaks for itself.

Interestingly enough, the electronic version of the business magazine seems to know quite a lot about the N9, not so much about the N6. The first device to run Android L, the HTC-made slate will apparently pack 64-bit power, courtesy of Nvidia, and cost $399 in a 16 GB Wi-Fi only flavor.

Nexus 6 AT&T

Adding 4G LTE connectivity and an extra 16 gig of internal storage in the equation will raise the bar to $499, and pre-orders could begin as early as October 17, with shipping underway a couple of weeks later.

Again, Forbes has little to no dirt on the Nexus 6, aka Motorola Shamu, but AT&T seems to know too much too soon. America’s second largest carrier let the cat out of the bag and listed the Motorola Nexus 6 early on its website, along with a deliciously low on-contract price tag: $49.99.

Everything about the listing screams placeholder, LG G Vista photo included, but that doesn’t mean the number is incorrect. Besides, this would be the first time AT&T directly sells a Nexus handheld, and that in itself is news.

Android Lollipop hint

Also news, yet another clue leading to the solving of the Android L puzzle. Or maybe not. Clearly, Google is having fun teasing us with whatever dessert name it can think of that starts with L, and so Lollipop, despite “evidence” to the contrary, remains merely one of the suspects.

Speaking of suspects and candidates, here’s a promo showing the L casting process. Lemon Meringue Pie is auditioning, and so are Lava Cake, Lady Finger, Lemon Drop, Oreo (??), and… Lettuce(?!?). Yup, this has got a little out of control. On the bright side, the video confirms once and for all the software’s number designation. It’s 5.0, as expected, not 4.5. Just announce it already, Google.


Sources: Forbes, Android Police, Phone Dog

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