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Major software update for Apple TV released, brings AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes Radio and more

Rumors were circulating last week that perhaps Apple’s set-top box will receive a major software update. It has. Apple has now released Apple TV software update 6.0.


At first, it was said that the update will be released with iOS 7 on September, that didn’t happen. But a couple of days after it releases iOS 7 to the public, Apple has now rolled out Apple TV software update 6.0. It brings features that had already been rumored. The biggest addition is AirPlay from iCloud feature, which lets users stream content they’ve purchased on someone else’s Apple TV. No longer will they need to first configure their iTunes credentials on that particular set-top box. Authentication will be provided by a connected iPhone or iPad, which is configured with the user’s credentials.

Apple’s new music streaming service, iTunes Radio, went live on September 18th as well. The service is now available on mobile devices and computers. With this Apple TV update, users will be able to stream music on their televisions as well. Other features included in this update include the ability to see photos from a shared Photo Stream. Users can now also access purchases from iTunes Music Store on the Apple TV.

Analysts expect Apple to make a TV related announcement in the next couple of months. Some believe that it announce a refreshed Apple TV, though there’s no confirmation of that as yet. For now, Apple TV users can make do with this major software update.

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