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Major Nelson: Banned XBone Users won’t lose games

Microsoft’s Director of Programming reassures potential cheats and hackers of the Xbox One’s online terms of service.

Microsoft has had a hard week. With plenty of misinformation clogging up the tubes of the internet, many of Microsoft’s personnel has gladly stepped forward to defend the system. Whether it was Yusuf Mehdi or even Phil Spencer, their internal staff are just as loyal as their fans. Major Nelson, the Director of Programming has taken to clearing up a serious concern for gamers worldwide on what happens to the games of banned users.


It was speculated that with the new Xbox One system, if your account is banned, the games which had been downloaded on the system would disappear as well. Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) has a fairly straight-forward answer for gamers out there, “Absolutely not, you will always have access to the games you purchased.”

The original conjecture came from an answer provided by Xbox Support, the Twitter account supplied by Microsoft to handle console-related problems. The tweet showed up three days ago and has received over 700 retweets since it was originally posted.


Major Nelson did have some bad news in regards to what will happen for future game players who want to play games from the Xbox One library: “I’ll get the real answer, I just don’t know it yet.”

This next generation is getting more and more difficult for Microsoft to figure out. Hopefully things will get better by the time the console (semi) launches in November of this year.

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