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Maine gets its first WoW playing state senator

Colleen Lachowicz, the state senate candidate who has recently been under heavy criticism for playing World of Warcraft, has won her seat as senator.

A while back, state senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz came under heavy fire from for being a World of Warcraft player. The republican party has been accusing the democratic candidate via an intensive mail campaign, sending out postcards citing her gaming habits as a reason for why she would be unfit for holding public office. One motivation is that she plays a rogue in World of Warcraft, and thus spends a lot of time stabbing things. Another is that she wastes time that could be used for more productive means.

State Senator Lachowicz (left) and her WoW character (right)


As the story broke, many people wanted to offer support for her campaign, but refusing to take donations, she directed them to give money to a political action committee, ActBlue, instead. At this, the republican party charged her with improperly acting with the committee.

Nevertheless, Lachowicz was cleared of all charges, and then went on to defeat her opponent, Tom Martin, with 913 votes. She'll be representing Kennebec and Somerset counties, who clearly care more about a politician's qualifications, than how she chooses to spend her free time.

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