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Madobe Yuu and Ai put a cute twist on Japanese Windows 8

Mascot characters Madobe Yuu and Madobe Ai spices up special Japanese versions of Windows 8 with their cute, "moe" charm.

Promotion for new tech software in Japan isn't really that different from how it is done here. You present the software's capabilities, show its potentials, and market to the people how they could use it efficiently. However you may want to know that once you hit Tokyo's Akihabara district, the "otaku" center of Japan, promotion for almost anything takes on a slightly different, cuter level.

On October 12, 2012, Microsoft Japan announced that reservations can now be taken for Windows 8 orders. At least two weeks before the official worldwide release, tech shops around Japan have already begun accepting pre-orders and reservations of the announced Windows 8 product packages.

While there are no significant changes in standard distribution packages, Microsoft Japan has actually prepared a little nifty bonus for those who are into the "Akiba-kei" (Akihabara-style) culture. Extra Windows 8 DSP (fresh install) packages that feature two new "moe" mascots, Madobe Ai and Madobe Yuu, will be presented as an exclusive OS theme. The package will include various custom media and installation files, as well as other extra stuff, for those who are interested to have more than just an OS to their new PC's.

Using these "moe" mascots to generate higher amount of interest to a specific group of potential customers isn't new in Japan. In fact, Microsoft Japan has already done it at least 3 years ago with Madobe Nanami, the "moe" mascot for Windows 7. Special bonus packages for the Japanese version of Windows 7 also included exclusive media and installation files that would let the user have Madobe Nanami become a resident of their computer unit.

These special Windows 8 DSP packages will include a Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse, and will be available at around 18,000 to 20,000 yen (around 230 to 255 USD).

Source: GDM, Akiba-PC (JP)

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