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Macs with ARM processors reportedly a couple of years away

An analyst believes Apple may make the switch within 1-2 years.


For its mobile devices Apple uses custom ARM-based chipsets which are better known as the company’s A series processors. For Macs it has to rely upon Intel for the processors. This relationship between Apple and Intel is a complex one, particularly because the former is dependent upon the latter, which effectively influences launch times.

Could Apple make the shift from Intel processors? Famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seems to think so. This possibility has been speculation as far back as 2012 and Kuo reiterates the same, offering a timeline even, saying that Apple could make the switch to ARM-based chipsets from 2016 onwards.

According to Kuo Apple expects that its custom ARM-based chipsets will be able to rival the performance of Intel Atom and Intel Core i3 processors within a couple of years. This would mean that Apple could end its reliance on Intel party, and thus be able to better control launch times, at least for those products that get switched to ARM-based processors.

For high-end performance Apple may continue to offer the Intel option until the company’s own custom design ARM processors reach that performance level.

Eliminating the potential for delay in processor shipments is likely going to be an enticing prospect for Apple, one that has been rumored multiple times, even a former company executive said that Apple could do this by 2016. Looks like next year is going to be an interesting one for Macs.

Source: iClarified

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