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Mac Users Rejoice: Das (Mechanical) Keyboard is Finally Here!

If there is one thing we find irritating on the Mac platform – that’s a lack of mechanical or should we say, simply better keyboards.

PC keyboard market is going through a certain revolution. After years of using soft and semi-hard keyboards with an odd mechanical keyboard thrown in for diversity, the manufacturers are embracing mechanical keys like there’s no tomorrow. For example, Corsair’s complete gaming lineup resolves around two innovative mechanical keyboards with Cherry Red switches.

However, there was a segment of keyboard market which stayed out of the mechanical key craze… until now. Das Keyboard is coming to market with a Mac version and we cannot say how thrilled we are to see one of best mechanical keyboards finally becoming available for the fruity computers as well. To make the matters even better makers of Das Keyboard decided to ditch the Mac Tax i.e. implement the smallest Mac Tax we’ve seen to date. Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac – with the same golden-plated mechanical switches as the PC Model S – will sell for just four dollars more than the PC version.

Yes, four dollars is the cost of changing the keys. Given that Das Keyboard Model S Professional runs for $129, the new Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac retails for $133. Can it get any better than this? Apparently, the answer to that question is yes as the preorder price is just $113, i.e. cheaper than the original Das Keyboard. Alternatively, you can always go for the Ultimate Keyboard that has no laser etched keys at all…

If you’re interested in acquiring this baby, hurry up. The manufacturer warns the keyboard will be available in limited quantities and delivered on “first come, first served” principle.

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