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Mac OS X Lion to feature a “Safe Deposit Box”?

Not much new features have been known to the public prior to the expected Summer release of Apple's upcoming OS, Mac OS X Lion. Besides Launchpad, Mac App Store, Mission Control and full-screen enabled apps, what else is installed for us in Lion? According to reports, Apple has patented an application. Is that headed for Lion or beyond?

Simply dubbed as "Safe Deposit Box", it is a new Mac OS X feature that might just appear in this summer's release of Mac OS X Lion.

Apple's patent is about a safe deposit box for securing important user files. In one aspect, when a user drags-and-drops a file representation onto a safe deposit box icon, the file is secured. In another aspect, when a user selects the safe deposit box icon and verifies his or her identity, the user could access secured files through a safe deposit box window.

By simply dragging your vital documents into this all-new "Safe Deposit Box", files are automatically encrytped and stored in a hidden place. Original copies of the file will be securely wiped out and even copied into the cloud for backup purposes.

One of the key attributes or selling points of Apple's Safe Deposit Box Application or OS X feature is that your digital valuables could be stored "off site" or beyond the home computer to safeguard your digital valuables which could be something like a Will or Living Will, agreements, life insurance policies, home insurance policies, a simple home inventory list or video or perhaps something that's really valuable to most every iTunes fan: a copy of your iTunes Library.

Well, there's no certainty that this will or will not appear in the next Mac OS. But this is surely something that Apple is simplifying for Mac users.

Source: Patently Apple


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