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M1 Singapore Unveils Apple iPad Data Plans


M1 Singapore has just issued a news release about their iPad data plans which are available in both pre- and post-paid options. And best of all, there’s no binding contract to the post-paid plans. Read on for more details.

M1, one of the mobile operators in Singapore, has announced the Apple iPad data plans for its consumers, in time with the retailing of the iPad product this Friday.

According to the M1 website (http://m1.com.sg/iPad/plans.html), prepaid and postpaid plans will be available. For the postpaid plans, the monthly subscription is S$21.40 for 3GB free data bundle, and S$43.87 for unlimited. Note that currently, the promotion is S$39.48 for unlimited. For the prepaid plan, the card value is S$20 with 1GB free data bundle. Unlike mobile phone plans, there is no contract when you sign up for the iPad data plans.

And no, the plan does not come bundled with the Apple iPad. You have to purchase the iPad separately.

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