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LyfieEye: World’s Smallest 360-Degree Camera

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature LyfieEye, the world’s smallest 360-degree camera for your Android device with an affordable price tag. Many 360-degree cameras have been introduced ever since Facebook rolled out its 360 image sharing option, from Samsung, HTC to LG and now the LyfieEye.

Image Credit: LyfieEye
Image Credit: LyfieEye

Why take a picture or a video when you can capture one picture or video which can give you a 360-degree immersive experience? Better yet, capture these moments using the crazily sophisticated camera your Smartphone. LyfieEye is equipped with image sensors and 2 fish-eye lens -each able to capture more than 180-degree views-, it is able to record immersive videos at 30fps, option to view videos in Virtual reality and weighs a light 18g.

Doing away with the Bluetooth wireless sync, simply connect LyfieEye physically to your device via the microSD port. Most of the camera’s functions are controlled through its companion mobile application, through this you will be able to control your new found 360-degree camera, view recently taken images in real-time and share them with your friends on social media.

Image Credit: LyfieEye
Image Credit: LyfieEye

Apart from being just another 360-degree camera, it might be good to note that the LyfieEye is pretty affordable as compared to its competitors. Prices range from US$200 and above for regular off the shelf 360-degree cameras, while the LyfieEye’s pledge is only going for about 40% less at US$119.

Perhaps the only issue one might face with the LyfieEye is that it is only compatible with Android devices, 5.0 and up. Not so much an issue, but it just means that you cannot share it around your family or amongst friends who are using Apple devices – if your device runs out of battery.

Image Credit: LyfieEye

Availability and Price

With a little over 2 weeks to go, LyfieEye is still seeking funding to fund its campaign. With most of LyfieEye’s early bird specials snapped up, the next pledge in line is going for SG$165 (US$119). This would get you a 1 LyfieEye in the colour of your choice (Glossy Black or Rose Gold), a LyfieLink extension cable and a LyfieU2C USB Type C converter. International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$21 (US$15) to anywhere in the world and SG$14 (US$10) to the United States of America. All orders look to be fulfilled starting November later this year.

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