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Low-cost Moto X flavor (aka Motorola DVX) snapped on camera at FCC, global launch happening soon

It may seem a little too early to call it, but it’s so obvious that there’s no point in waiting and keeping Motorola’s hopes up. Sorry, guys, the Moto X is a dud.

Moto DVX

You priced it wrong, the marketing wasn’t strong enough, the customization options are still limited (in more than one way) and by focusing only on America, you severely narrowed down your chances of putting one in the win column… for a change.

On the bright side, Motorola may have another trick up its sleeve, which it plans to bring to light by the end of the year. Dubbed Moto DVX, this is rumored to be a lower-cost, lower-end flavor of the X. Sounds pretty tedious, I know, yet not everyone gets excited about top-notch slabs of silicon.

And when it comes to not very top-notch slabs, this DVX looks as exciting as a “Batman vs. Superman” movie starring Christian Bale and a young Christopher Reeve.

Moto DVX-2

Based on a couple of pics surprisingly exposed by the FCC, the DVX, while not exactly a Moto X identical twin, takes a number of key design cues from its “cousin”. Granted, it doesn’t strike me as a handheld with a very premium feel or smooth, elegant surfaces, but its bezels are not awfully thick, plus there are rumors going around of swappable color backplates.

And besides, will you really care so much about the looks when Moto prices this baby at $200 outright? I think not, more so as the display is tipped to measure between 4.3 and 4.5 inches. Mum’s the word on all the other specs, albeit it’s easy to guess no more than 1 gig of RAM, a processor downgrade compared with the X and possibly a 5 MP camera are in the cards.

However, the best news of all is Motorola plans to make the DVX (or however it’ll end up being called) available on a global scale. The latest FCC certification is most likely of an international variant with support for AT&T’s 3G network, whereas a while ago three other versions, dubbed XT937C, XT1028 and XT1031, visited the regulatory agency with what appeared to be cellular bands for essentially everyone in North America. Huzzah!

Sources: Android Police, Reddit

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