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Low-cost Huawei Ascend W3 with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 tipped for CES debut

Huawei most certainly has a slew of Android-running devices all prepped for official announcements at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show, however a fresh report out of China suggests the OEM is still very much committed to Windows Phone as well.

Huawei W2

So committed that, although the Ascend W2 is a mere couple of months old, a follow-up is said to go official at CES in a matter of days. Aptly named Ascend W3, the handheld shall run the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS, namely Windows Phone 8 GDR3.

Before you even think it, no, Huawei doesn’t intend to go against heavyweight beasts such as Nokia’s Lumia 1020 and 1520. Instead, the W3 is believed to have much more modest goals, with a display of around 4.5 inches, 720p resolution tops, an 8 MP rear-facing camera and 4G LTE speeds.

Provided Huawei hits the pricing nail on the head, the W3 could certainly strike gold, as the WP market appears to favor low-cost, low to mid-end gizmos. Think the Nokia Lumia 520. Of course, the Chinese also need a strong Western availability push, which has always been their Achilles’ heel, plus Microsoft’s support, to really make it.

Huawei Ascend W2

And that last part may prove even more problematic than the global rollout, as MS is likely thinking about playing favorites with Nokia, their subsidiary-to-be. But hey, if Sony wants in on the Windows Phone fun, maybe Redmond plans to treat all its partners as equals, including Huawei.

If not, there’s still the Ascend Mate 2 and P7 to help Huawei achieve world fame. The Honor 3C and 3X also, albeit the odds of the pair ever reaching the Western hemisphere are microscopic.

Sources: Phone Arena, Mobile Zol

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