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LOVE Is Possibly The Smartest Turntable On The Planet

Image Courtesy: comingsoon-tech.com

LOVE is a stylish turntable that you can operate with your phone – and portable to boot. To change tracks, there’s no need for manual repositioning. Simply tap on the app to skip tracks, repeat album and even repeat song! Best of all, it’s small enough to fit nicely in your bag. Looks like the 21st Century has finally caught up with Vinyl!

With LOVE, you can also beam your music wirelessly to a Bluetooth Speaker, or even Headphones. LOVE also works with wired rigs with a Bluetooth Receiver so that no one gets left out of Wireless Valhalla.

Image Courtesy: comingsoon-tech.com

The Turntable comes in two parts; a base for your Vinyl to rest upon, and the actual gadget itself. A standard MM stylus and the rotation device is built into the body along with its brains. Simply pair LOVE to your phone, fire up the app and set it on the base; then marvel as LOVE analyses your record for its track positions. You can set the rotation speeds to play 33rpm, 45rpm and even rare 78rpm records. It’s amazing that the App will also display your record’s Album Art and track list! It’s also able to adapt to different record sizes so you may have to dust off those 7-inchers as well.


Vinyl lovers may be concerned that LOVE will damage their records by putting too much weight into the grooves, but the company has assured that LOVE is gentle on records and will not damage them in any way. Audiophiles will probably stick with their current builds and not use LOVE as their sole Turntable due to its emphasis on wireless connectivity.

LOVE is by far the most radical form of innovation ever to hit Vinyl; and I see it being popular with first-timers (and even veterans too) for its novelty. It will be available worldwide from October 2017 at a price of US$599, or you can pre-order LOVE through Kickstarter for much less.

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