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Love model cars? Honda lets 3D printing hobbyists recreate some of their own

Honda publicly releases the 3D data for their past concept vehicles online for 3D printing.


Honda model car fans and 3D printing enthusiasts may be delighted to hear that the Japanese car company has just openly released some of the 3D data for its past concept cars.

The data has been made public on a Creative Commons 4.0 license, and anyone with free time can see, download and use the data at their Honda 3D Design Archives. Yes, that means that you can use their 3D model data to print a detailed small scale (or large scale, even full-scale, depending on your resources) version of a Honda concept vehicle.

The announcement was made last Thursday, with the starting model data available for download including: FSR Concept (1994), FUYA-JO (1999), KIWAMI (2003), PUYO (2007) and the NSX Concept (2013). Under the Creative Commons license, everyone is free to update or improve the model data that are available at the Honda 3D Design Archives, as long as the enthusiasts and hobbyists do not profit from them.

[youtube id=”kdOVr4Tqdoc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Of course, aside from being a clever (and cost-effective) marketing strategy, Honda aims to inspire creativity and design with the public release of their concept car 3D model data. They hope to make people understand the gears and workings of the car designing process, from making separate ideas work, to finally developing the model to be feasible for mass production.

Source: Honda (JP), Honda 3D Design Archives

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