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Look out, a second OnePlus phone is coming in 2015, and it’s going to be a big deal

One of the Chinese startup company’s co-founders “hopes” this mysterious handheld will debut before Christmas, challenging the mainstream appeal of the just-unveiled 2.

OnePlus 2

Remember those ridiculously bold marketing claims about OnePlus 2’s “2016 flagship killer” potential? Carl Pei, the manufacturer’s Head of Global, seems to admit it was all for the shock factor, given an inside threat could well annihilate the new hero’s high-end supremacy by the year’s end.

It’s entirely possible the third ever OnePlus smartphone, on deck for the 2015 holiday season, will find an inferior place on the Android totem pole compared to the 5.5-inch Snapdragon 810 powerhouse. But Carl Pei’s reaction at the first sight of a pre-release prototype suggests this is by no means a featherweight.

If it has what it takes to fulfil daily driver duties for such a tech-savvy, exigent individual, it can’t settle on a smaller than 5-inch display with sub-1,080p resolution, less than 2 GB RAM or an older, slower processor than, say, a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808.

One Plus 2

Those are obviously wild guesses on our part, and shouldn’t be taken very seriously. What we know for sure is OnePlus wants more. More sales, more market share, more partners to help the brand reach more homes without Pete Lau & co. losing their focus.

Said focus and an almost unparalleled dedication to “making the best products” people actually need could boost OnePlus among the industry-leading triad in only half a decade. That’s the co-founder’s utopian dream, with Apple and Samsung the other two market dominators envisioned for 2020, as “there’s no more room” for anyone else.

What, you didn’t actually think a company official for the rising Asian star could give an interview sans sparking up a controversy, did you? By the by, “the entire issue of NFC is overblown”, apparently, and the OnePlus 2 lacks the feature because “very few people are using it” and by the time it gains “widespread adoption”, everybody will have moved to the next big thing.

Sources: Phone Arena, USA Today

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