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Long overdue Nvidia Shield Portable sequel likely on the horizon

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certified, the next-gen handheld game console could land on the heels of the full-fledged 4K-enabled living room Shield sometime in the summer.

Shield Portable

An alluring, highly original albeit limited in scope and experimental in nature concept, Nvidia’s first homemade Android device spawned a pair of much better spin-offs. Well, more focused and thought-through at the very least, with discernible, real target audiences.

But casual gamers with a deep-rooted love for a little green robot always hoped the OG Shield, now dubbed Shield Portable, wouldn’t be abandoned altogether, no matter the success of the Tablet follow-up and recent set-top box series installment.

As it turns out, they were right to cling to their apparently doomed dreams, despite two whole years going by without so much as a teaser from Santa Clara or wild rumor regarding a sequel. Yes, ladies and gents, a new easy to transport, 5-inch or so Shield is incoming, at least according to Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance admission data.

Shield Portable 2 Wi-Fi certification

Both organizations seem to have given their technical blessings to a P2523 “gaming device – portable”, carrying advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi ac support. Alas, no additional information is provided, although it’s probably safe to assume an octa-core 64-bit Tegra X1 CPU based on Maxwell microarchitecture will find its way under the hood to drive power-demanding tasks.

Perhaps paired with 4 GB RAM to eclipse nearly every Android smartphone around, and definitely with pre-installed Lollipop software.

Typically, when these regulatory approvals start to pile on, a formal unveil is a matter of weeks, sometimes days. But not always. In this particular case, we reckon Nvidia wants to put the Android TV-based Shield up for sale first, and only then strengthen its mobile product portfolio.

Remember, a second-gen Shield Tablet is also widely expected by the end of the year, so let’s hope the GPU specialist didn’t bite more than it can chew in such a competitive market.

Sources: Android Police, Liliputing

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