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Long overdue Huawei Watch US launch is ‘right round the corner’

It finally looks to be happening, although there’s still no official debut date attached to probably the handsomest Android Wear timepiece in the world.

Huawei Watch

Extravagant but not tacky, robust yet by no means bulky, “timelessly designed” and “smart within”, the Huawei Watch was poised to give LG’s Watch Urbane a healthy run for its money. Maybe the Apple Watch too, if the Chinese budget specialist managed to hit the pricing sweet spot.

Unfortunately, the circular, high-res wrist computer never got so far as to actually contend the trendiest smartwatches around, due to component shortages, overall distribution incapacity and software incompatibility with a Chinese audience.

The latter pickle reportedly prompted a regional delay until next year, while the former two were never addressed by Huawei reps. Luckily, they may have been quietly ironed out, as a product page on the OEM’s e-store claims the device is “right round the corner.”

Huawei Watch soon

Terribly weak wordplay meant to once again highlight the premium shape of the HWatch, but if the US rollout goes down ahead of Moto 360 2’s introduction, we’re willing to forgive and forget. After all, the 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display is remarkably sharp, at 400 x 400 pixels, and shielded by Sapphire crystal, and when paired with a matching stainless steel band, the metallic gadget is outright irresistible.

Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive, debunking vexing old rumors and a recent pre-order listing over at MobileFun. The low-profile online retailer says black and silver Huawei Watches will arrive in 2 months (not so “right round” the corner), commanding steep prices of $390 a pop. Steel bands not included.

Then there’s the glamorous gold version, appraised at $455 and indexed merely as “available for pre-order”, with no ETA in tow. Our placeholder alert just turned red, so fingers crossed the tags don’t pan out. Let’s say $300 tops to start with, and maybe you have a deal, okay, Huawei?

Source: Phone Arena

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