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Long overdue Android 5.1 Lollipop rollout begins on Motorola Droid Turbo

All’s well that ends well, as long as notorious Android 5.0-specific bugs were crushed when jumping from 4.4 directly to 5.1.


M source code dispatch is nigh, a pair of new Verizon-exclusive Droid handhelds could also see daylight before long, and yet the big-battery 2014 Turbo still runs archaic KitKat software. For shame, Motorola, for shame, Big Red!

On the bright side, the device manufacturer and US carrier’s engineers recently decided to reward Droid Turbo owners for their incredible patience with a bundle of joy combining 5.0’s UI facelift and 5.1’s stability enhancements.

The end result should operate noticeably smoother than most Lollipop updates floating around, and according to VZW “PR guy” Albert Aydin on Twitter, “come in phases” starting today. As usual, if you’re not seeing an automatic prompt message, you’re advised to try a manual download by diving into Settings – About Phone – System Update.

Android 5.1 Turbo

If that doesn’t produce the desired results either, we’re afraid you’ll need to wait another few days, a week or two, tops. But it’s worth it, trust us, with the detailed changelog on Moto’s website emphasizing fluid animations, new system themes, colors and widgets, improved multitasking, Device Protection adoption, various battery augmentations and overall performance bumps, thanks to ART support.

Hopefully, memory bleeds aren’t part of the “deal”, and you can finally get the party underway, coupling the five-star hardware of the Quad HD 5.2 incher with the software it thoroughly deserves. And since a sequel is rapidly approaching, maybe discounts will be offered soon to help the OG stay in the spotlight.

Currently, the cheapest configuration is available in metallic black, with 32 GB internal storage and two-year pacts, at $49.99 on Amazon.

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