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Long awaited FireFox update for Android 2.2

Older phone users running Android v2.2 now have available to them an updated version of Firefox. Mozilla says the update for the open source web browser was made to support a large list of ARM v6 hardware that is on a lot of popular but older model phones.

If you happen to have an older phone running Android v2.2, an updated version of Firefox is available.  Mozilla stated that the update for Firefox was made to support a large list of ARM v6 hardware that is on a lot of popular, older model phones such as the Motorola XT531 or the Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510.

Fans of Firefox from the Mozilla Corporation (MoCo) might be happy to know some changes have been made to the browser and now a stable build of Firefox is available for download in Google Play.  While the highly popular open source web browser does have a lot of updated changes, these new changes were made in an effort to support older Android run phones.  Some of these changes include ease of use for TalkBack, and a more secured ‘sandbox’ attribute for iFrames.

This version of Firefox for Android is about a 17MB download and works on all Android 2.2 Froyo and later.  A few of the new features include the ability to create a single master password, and the ability to clear all of your history, private data and so forth with ease.   Firefox also allows you to sync up and interact with your phone’s controls such as your camera, battery life status, GPS and so forth. 

To learn more or to download, you can find the direct link by clicking here for a new window.

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