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Logitech’s new speakers and keyboard redefines your gaming experience

The two newest additions to the Logitech’s gaming gear, the Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker and the Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, bring with them a more immersive environment than ever before. Equipped with the brand new LightSync technology, these products will emit light to match in-game events like explosions, approaching enemies, damage taken, healing done and much more.

G560 PC Gaming Speaker

Experience your game’s sound how game makers intended it to be. With 240 Watts Peak/120 Watts RMS power and 3D audio with DTS:X Ultra 1.0 for in-game positional audio, the speakers give an edge on situational awareness, so gamers know exactly where each footstep is coming from, and increases the realism and intensity of the game. With Lightsync, the game is no longer confined to the monitor, the G560 syncs its amazing audio with its brilliant RGB lighting in real time to match the action you see (or don’t see) on your screen. None of us game 24/7: LightSync also works with music and videos. Customisation of the colours is available, with approximately 16.8 million colours and 4 lighting zones, you can fine-tune the lights to create your perfect battle station. The G560 also features various connectivity options such as USB, 3.5 mm and of course, Bluetooth 4.1. Also within is Logitech’s Easy-Switch technology, so you only need one speaker for your pc, phone and tablet and you can switch between them seamlessly.

G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The G512 gives you the choice of 2 two Romer-G mechanical key switches, the tactile and linear. The tactile switches are ideal for competitive and FPS gaming because of the feedback they give with the tactile point of 55gf before the keystroke actually registers at 45gf. On the other hand, the linear switches have no tactile point so they are great for double tapping and rapid keystrokes, making them ideal for MMO and action games. All Romer-G keys are speedy and silent, perfect for competition-grade performance. The G512 too has Lightsync support along with the usual RGB lighting. The new keyboard is armoured with an anodised and brushed aircraft-grade 5052 aluminium top case for a slim, premium and durable feel.

The G560 speakers are already available for S$329 while the G512 keyboard will be available in a week. The G512 comes in two colours, carbon and silver. However, the silver only comes with Romer-G tactile switches.

System Requirements for Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker

Works with PC/Mac via:

● 3.5mm input
● Bluetooth enabled devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets.

Operating Systems:

● Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 7
● Mac OS X (DTS:X not supported)
● Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software*
Technical Specifications
● Total Watts (Peak): 240
● Total Watts (RMS): 120
● Bluetooth Version: 4.1
● Wireless Range:

Physical Specifications


● Height: 5.8”
● Width: 6.5”
● Depth: 4.6”
● Weight: 3.92 pounds (1.79 kg)


● Height: 15.9”
● Width: 10”
● Depth: 8.1”
● Weight: 12.1 pounds (5.48 kg)


● 1-year limited hardware warranty

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  1. Hussain

    I wish they make wireless speakers with wireless power from below, so the power/audio transmitter is below the table directly below the speaker. no cables at all above the desk…

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