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Logitech Ultimate Ears comes to Singapore

Logitech Ultimate Ears

Logitech Singapore has unveiled the Ultimate Ears earphones in Singapore, namely the TripleFi, SuperFi and MetroFi range, as well as the Loud Enough series. The Ultimate Ears earphones are available now with suggested retail prices starting from SGD69.

Yesterday, Logitech officially launched the Ultimate Ears earphones in Singapore. Logitech has acquired Ultimate Ears in August 2008 and the acquisition has allowed Logitech to expand its portfolio of digital audio products, providing more options for portable music listening. The company recently introduced a portable wireless speaker product for listening to music stored on Bluetooth mobile phones.

For digital music lovers who want a professional-quality listening experience, the Ultimate Ears range of audiophile-grade earphones comprises of two series: the TripleFi and SuperFi.

Ultimate Ears’ highest-end TripleFi range are aimed at serious audiophiles who want sound that is as close to the custom-fit models as possible. The TripleFi 10, for example, has a frequency response of between 10Hz to 17,000Hz. This wide range allows the earphones to handle a wide spectrum of sounds, ensuring that detail is not lost when a track is played back.

The SuperFi range caters to discerning listeners who want quality, but at a more affordable price. The SuperFi Pro supports a frequency range of 20Hz to 16,000Hz and its top-fire design employs a single, wideband driver to create an exceptionally accurate sound tuned for a wide range of musical genres. With a frequency response range of 15 Hz to 15 kHz and a top sound pressure level (SPL) of 115 dB, the SuperFi 5 earphones accurately reproduce bass-thumping hip hop, the lush timbres of jazz vocals as well as the rich palette of symphonic music. The custom armature houses a proprietary tuned filter that shapes the sound for maximum effect, delivering detailed bass and crisp, clean mids and highs.

In addition, the SuperFi 5 earphones’ machined liquid-silver plastic housing provides an exceptionally comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

At the entry level is the MetroFi series, which still inherits all the sound heritage of the higher-end earphones, but at attractive prices. Also available is the Loud Enough series which features a volume limiter for aural protection as it is targeted at young children.

The Ultimate Ears earphones are available now and the suggested retail prices start from SGD69 for the Loud Enough series to SGD699 for the TripleFi series. Also available are the SuperFi 5vi (integrated with voice for use with phones) at SGD299 and the SuperFi 5 Pro at SGD399.

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