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Logitech iPhone gamepad images leaked

We’ve known for a while that Logitech is currently developing a gamepad for the iPhone, and some new images (courtesy of @evleaks) are hinting that a wave of officially sanctioned physical iPhone gamepads are on the way to satisfy our thirst for a real mobile gaming experience.


Since the release of iOS 7, Apple has officially opened the gates for hardware developers to tap into the iPhone peripheral market—even more so than before—via gamepads.  Although these somewhat bulky add-ons are already on the market, support from Apple and mobile game developers has been sparse with previous iOS versions.

Now that the maker of the iPhone is backing the gampad add-on movement, we will start to see more robust mobile gaming, and most importantly, gamers will get their money’s worth.  Hardware like Logitech’s supposed iPhone gamepad just makes gaming on a mobile phone more comfortable.  Not only do these physical keypads provide faster responsive time, they also have the added benefit of being predictably ‘there’—meaning, you don’t have to always look away from the gameplay just to figure out where the hell the virtual joystick is on your screen.

The Logitech gamepad doesn’t look ‘mobile’ in any regards, and it seems like the gadget is meant to be a home-bound item.  There’s no point in adding some extra baggage to your highly mobile lifestyle by carrying around an extra gamepad all day.  When you’re in the comfort of your own home, attach the gamepad to your phone and get some real gaming in while you’re doing your business on the John.  When you’re on the road, there are always games like ‘Angry Birds’ to keep you going, and these sort of games don’t require a gamepad.

Source: @evleaks

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