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Logitech G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G304/G305 Mouse

SGD 79








  • Wireless
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Plain design

Long gone are the days where wireless mice just aren’t as responsive as their wired counterparts. Logitech’s latest mouse, the G304 or the G305, as it is known in some countries, proves exactly that. As a MOBA player (specifically League of Legends), I know that a laggy mouse can make or break any game. Prior to the G304, I was using the wired Logitech G102 Prodigy that was launched in late 2016.

Interestingly, the G304 looks remarkably similar to my old G102 Prodigy. Looking through the mouse lineup of Logitech’s G family, the same physical profile is used in other mice as well such as on the PRO Gaming mouse and the G403. There are have minor differences such as the material of the buttons but otherwise, they look similar. Hence, the upgrade to the G304 meant that the experience felt almost exactly the same, with the only difference in terms of weight distribution. The G304 is powered by a single AA battery which adds some heft to the bottom side of the mouse. The mouse still weighs in under 100g, with sufficient heft for comfortable usage.


The G304 does not give out any flashy RGB lighting but its humble appearance gives it a professional look that will not look out of place even in a corporate setting. The mouse has 4 buttons including the scroll wheel that is all programmable with the Logitech G software. The classic design is comfortable and fits well into my small hand.

Features & Performance

The G304 uses Logitech’s Lightspeed technology which has been tested by pro esports players. I can say that there’s absolutely no problem in the area of response times. It also uses Logitech’s HERO (High-Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor that can give you tracking performance across the entire DPI range up to 12,000 DPI. Which is entirely adjustable in the Logitech Gaming Software.

The price point is another important factor in choosing a mouse. There are many brands out there that mass produces wireless mice and many people may think that it’s so much more worth it to buy a wireless gaming mouse online for $30 instead of buying from a reputable brand like Logitech. The difference between these kinds of mice are huge and you can’t ever go back once you try it. The Logitech G304 doesn’t break the bank and it gives you all the features you need to win your game.

This is my first experience playing without any wires and I must say it’s a significant change. I didn’t feel the wire tugging after my every mouse movement and even though the mouse is a little heavier it honestly feels lighter without the wire. The Logitech G304/G305 is available at all authorized sellers for S$79.

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