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Local vendors outselling the likes of Samsung and Apple in emerging markets, IDC data reveals

Data collected by research firm IDC reveals that local smartphone vendors outsold the big vendors such as Samsung and Apple in the Asia/Pacific region, excluding Japan in April-June quarter.

Micromax A240

In this particular region, local carriers shipped 46 million units according to the IDC. To put things in perspective, let us look at how the big companies fared. In the April-June quarter, in response to the 46 million units shipped by local vendors, Samsung and Apple shipped 35 million units combined. Both of these companies have established a duopoly in most smartphone markets around the world, however, the case is definitely evidently in emerging markets.

The emerging markets in this region include India and China. Other major vendors such as BlackBerry, Sony, Nokia, LG, Motorola and HTC were only able to ship 10 million units combined. China’s ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei outsold them all in this quarter by shipping 27 million units. In China, Xiaomi, Oppo, K-Touch, Gionee and Coolpad have been identified as rising vendors. In India, Micromax, Maxx, Intex, Lava and Karbonn show rising growth. This trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, so how do the big vendors keep their hold on a market that’s being flooded with cheap and locally produced handsets?

Price is a major factor in emerging markets. In recent months we’ve seen major vendors turn towards competitive pricing more aggressively. Apple is believed to be launching iPhone 5C next month, a low cost iPhone that’s geared towards the mid-range emerging markets. It is expected to be a hit in China as the iPhone 5C is said to be priced in a sweet spot for the Chinese market. Emerging markets are imperative to all of the big vendors and they’ll definitely not go down without putting on a fight.

Source: Indian Express

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