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Limited edition Minecraft-inspired Xperia Play smartphone shows up on eBay

Do you love Minecraft? If you, this will probably be the kind of smartphone that you would love to own to complement your obsession over the game. Apparently, Mojang, the company behind the game, has released a special, limited edition version of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play smartphone that comes with a custom skin for the body that comprises of the game's logo and graphics. And it is now available for sale on eBay.

Minecraft fans, now will probably be a very good time to start smashing those piggy banks and digging out whatever spare cash you can squeeze out for your latest Minecraft-related acquisition. This is because Mojang, the company behind the popular game, has announced the availability of a special limited edition run of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play smartphone which comes decked out with a custom skin that features the Minecraft logo and game graphics.

Specifications-wise, this limited edition, Minecraft-inspired smartphone is essentially identical to the current versions of the Xperia Play which are being sold on the market right now. This means that users who purchase the limited edition version from Mojang will immediately gain access to a same features they would find on a typical Xperia Play. As for why Mojang is deciding to put the phone up on sale on eBay…well, the official response from the company is that it intends to beat its fan to the chase, after finding out that many of the various Minecraft collectibles they had given away in the past usually ended up there. Nice.

The current bid for the limited edition Minecraft-inspired Xperia Play is standing at US$1,325, although this number is expected to rise in the coming days when the auction officially closes on August 21.

Source: Droid Gamers

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