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LIFT: World’s First Truly Levitating Wireless Charger

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature LIFT, a wireless and truly anti-gravitational charging device for your Apple Watch or Pebble gadget. Meticulously designed to every detail, LIFT is designed for the edgy tech who is looking for a fancy Smart device to accessorise their home or office.

Image Credit: LIFT
Image Credit: LIFT

LIFT allows you to charge all generations of the Apple Watch, and the latest two editions of the Pebble watch, wirelessly and in mid-air. No complicated setup necessary. LIFT is able to levitate and charge your Smartwatch at the very same time, via induction technology inspired by forward thinking, Tesla.

Aside from being able to charge a Smartwatch, LIFT is also able to wirelessly charge your Smartphone by just removing the charging unit, place your Smartphone over the lit induction pad and viola! Best part of this all, LIFT features intelligent charging. This means that it does not continue charging when your Smartwatch is fully charged. It automatically turns the charging off and on to keep your battery life at 100 per cent, prolonging your battery’s life.

Image Credit: LIFT
Image Credit: LIFT

In addition to its eye-catching levitating wireless charging feature, LIFT also doubles up as a Smart lamp as well. Replace the charging unit with the Orb and watch how it lights up your room while levitating in mid-air. Designed with an a built-in battery, the Orb is able to work as a wireless light wherever and whenever you need.

Definitely made with who are design conscious and early adopters in mind, LIFT brings design to a whole never level of cool. It is as if someone casted Harry Potter’s Levitation Charm on LIFT, to make your Smartwatch just float so graciously in mid-air. However, the only issue one might have, would be that you need to have either the Apple Watch or Pebble for this to work.

Image Credit: LIFT
Image Credit: LIFT

Availability and Price

LIFT has already been fully funded. With just a little over two weeks to go, most of its early bird pledges have been snapped up. The next available pledge is priced at SG$216 (US$159). This would get you a LIFT charger, base and power charger. International shipping costs an additional SG$34 ($25) or SG$48 (US$35), shipping to Singapore is the latter. All orders look to be fulfilled by October later this year.


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