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Lian Li PC-767 & PC-777 Preview

Lian Li has always been at the forefront in the casing industry. In conjunction with Lian Li’s 20th anniversary, the PC-777 was introduced and VR-Zone took a close look at this special anniversary model with another new case called the PC-767.

Lian Li has been a rather established name in making quality computer cases,
specializing itself in aluminum-crafted cases. With the introduction of 2 new models,
the PC-767 and PC-777, Lian Li has pushed the bar further in the creation of
high quality, minimalist looking and highly functionality case. While the PC-767
looks clean and simple, the PC-777 looks rather interesting. The PC-777 is
actually a 20th anniversary model from Lian Li.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the PC-767:

This is how the Lian Li PC-767 looks like with the side panel
removed. There’s a large door that fully covers all drive bays from the top till
the bottom. This brings a simple, yet sleek look to the case.

A look inside the case reveals that this model is actually
similar to the “V” series from Lian Li’s line up. While the PSU is mounted on
the top, the motherboard is mounted in an upside-down manner. A large 120mm
exhaust fan would cater in moving hot air out of the case. Such design will
allow even distribution of heat. This design allows for “hot spots” to be split
up instead of the conventional design where the hottest components are
location at the top rear end.

A look at the front of the case. Large roomy drive bays and a
drive cage is present in this case. As many as six 5.25″ drives could be fitted
into this case. Also a front 120mm fan is included providing cool intake air
into the case.

A closer look at the drive cage, meant for 3.5″ hard drives.
Hard Drives are mounted vertically onto this drive cage and up to 3 drives could be
mounted. This cage comes with rubber padding on the sides that will reduce
noise from hard drives due to vibrations. Also, the cage spots many large holes
for ample ventilation around this potentially hot area. For users who wish to
add more hard drives, more of such cages could be bought off shelves and fitted
into the remaining 5.25″ bays.

A closer look on the top drive bays that house the 5.25″ drives,
such as CD-ROMs etc. Included in a package, there is a 5.25″ Floppy
holder. For users who still wishes to have the good old Floppy drive could
mount it in this holder. The holder would be mounted in a 5.25″ bay as seen on
the top bay in this picture.

The Power and Reset buttons are conveniently located at the
front of the case. A problem with most cases with front door is that users have
to swing open the door before he could power on the system. The design of this
case eliminates this problem. The buttons are located at the side so that the
closure of the door would not shut out the buttons (as show in this picture). Also, the Hard
disk Activity and the Power LEDs are located below the Power and Reset buttons.

A picture of the case with the front door fully opened. The
covers of the drive bays sport a mesh design, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The top of the casing has an unique design where silver
aluminum is fused into the black portion. This adds an additional class to this
beautifully crafted case.

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