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Lian Li Outs PC-V750 E-ATX Chassis

Lian Li released its newest aluminum PC chassis, the PC-V750. It is designed for E-ATX motherboards, although with as many as 10 expansion slot bays, it could become a chassis owners of EVGA SR-X platform seriously consider getting, after having fun to their hearts' content, with it on a test-bench. 

So your EVGA SR-X system is beginning to wear off on you, and you worry about keeping it on an open-air test-bench? Lian Li has just the chassis for you. The Taiwan-based premium PC chassis designer announced the PC-V750, an E-ATX full-tower with a front-mounted PSU bay. It will be available in three variants: PC-V750A (all-silver exterior and interior), PC-V750B (all-black exterior, silver interior), and PC-V750WX (all-black exterior and interior, with an acrylic windowed side-panel).

The PC-V750 measures 230mm x (H) 440mm x (D) 586mm, its designers saved it some height by locating its PSU tray from its typical bottom-rear to bottom-front; and pushing the 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch drive cage up, eating into what could've been a bunch of seldom-used 5.25-inch bays. The case thus ends up with just the one 5.25-inch bay, a zesty nine 3.5-inch bays, of which six have SATA back-plates, giving them hot-plugging capabilities. These bays can be converted to 2.5-inch bays. The other three squat on the floor of the case.

While the motherboard tray of the PC-V750 is wide enough to hold E-ATX motherboards, it's also tall, with three additional expansion slot bays, that can be used to accommodate XL-ATX (eg: EVGA X79 Classified) and HPTX (eg: EVGA SR-X); although the tray only has cutout for one CPU socket. A reinforcement beam runs the entire height of the case, and holds expansion cards firmly in place, preventing PCB bending.

The PSU bay of the PC-V750 is located at the bottom-front portion of the case. A 3-pin AC power extension cable runs through the case, connecting to it. Air ventilation is aplenty. The entire front portion of the case is perforated. Right next to the drive cage are two 120 mm front intake fans. Two 140 mm fans deck up the top. A 120 mm rear exhaust fan makes for the rest of the included fans. Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.0 ports (standard header), HD audio front-panel jacks, and one each of USB 2.0/1.1 and eSATA.

Lian Li did not release the pricing of the three PC-V750 variants.


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