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LG’s Windows Phone comeback draws near, but Verizon could get dibs

Sorry, high-end WP enthusiasts, this is certainly no G4 or even G3 for Windows… and apparently runs an OS iteration soon to become obsolete.

LG Windows Phone 8.1

Last LG dabbled in tiled mobile gear, Samsung’s Galaxy S family was barely getting started and the Android flavor of the day was 2.2 Froyo. Sure, the E900 Optimus 7 looked pretty great for 2010 standards, packing original Snapdragon Scorpion heat, 512 MB RAM and a generous 16 GB native storage.

But the 3.8 incher, powered by Windows Phone 7 and shortly updated to version 7.8, never really took off, prompting LG to concentrate all its efforts on a little green robot that could. Looking at their recent Android-driven sales numbers, it’s hard to argue with the OEM’s call, yet we always felt like there was room under the Korean sun for more than one operating system.

Enter “Lancet”, a fishy unannounced WP 8.1 LG device apparently headed for Verizon. Just Verizon? No way to be sure at the moment, especially since we don’t know if the press render is to be trusted. It seems legit, but so did “Uni8’s” depiction 11 months ago.

It doesn’t help that the specifications are all in a blur, with screen size tipped at between 4.5 and 5 inches and a humdrum front-facing camera present in the image above. Nothing about the handheld sends that distinctive premium vibe however, and there’s no trace of advanced Windows 10 software on board of the pictured “prototype”.

Granted, it could always wait until Win 10 for phones hits general availability, or roll out in the next few months with an eye on affordability. Whatever the case, things are looking up for Microsoft, with HTC committed to the third global mobile platform force, and new recruits Lenovo and Xiaomi eager to showcase the fruits of their development work.

Source: Neowin

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