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LG’s Robots to be the Highlight of CES 2017

Jumping on the artificial intelligence train, LG hopes that it’s robots will take center stage at CES 2017 which is to be held in Las Vegas this year.

According to LG, it’s lineup of robots are going to be capable of navigating complex surroundings and environments, deciphering the most efficient and effective methods to finish tasks and make our lives more convenient, at every single touch-point.

LG’s robots aren’t just going to clean your home. Intending to innovate way beyond what’s already found in LG’s HOM-BOT automatic vacuum cleaner, the very first non-cleaning robots will be armed with AI technology that will let them be used at home alongside other smart technology, and even outdoors and public areas.


  • The very first LG “Hub Robot” is made for use at home and it will double as both a smart home gateway and a personal assistant for consumers.
  • The second LG robot previewed at CES 2017 will extend its abilities outdoors to helping you tend your yard or garden.
  • The third addition to LG’s robotic lineup will feature models built for commercial use in public settings which include both airports and hotels, with the purpose of improving the traveller’s experience in mind.

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