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LG Watch Urbane available for $240 ($110 off) if you jump through some hoops

Newegg offers a trio of discounts on arguably the handsomest Android Wear device in the world, which you can combine for a total of $100+ savings.

LG Watch Urbane

Perhaps the clearest sign yet LG is indeed working on a high-res Watch Urbane follow-up sees the OG’s price reduced at Amazon and Newegg. Of course, “OG” feels like an exaggerated term for a gizmo that’s less than six months old, and the former retailer’s deals are far from unbeatable.

It’s hard to appreciate a $300 “luxury” timepiece when a similarly stylish Motorola Moto 360 costs $150, including in light metal and champagne gold configurations. But what if we told you the rose gold Watch Urbane can be yours for $240 elsewhere?

Still a hefty premium compared to Moto 360’s lowest tag, that’s a whopping $110 off the MSRP of the “perfectly round” LG and both Google and Best Buy’s current tariffs. Besides, Amazon sells the silver model at $299.95, with the glitzy golden version setting you back an additional 20 bucks.

LG Watch Urbane deal

Unfortunately, the catches are profuse, and to get the standard $350 price point dropped to $240, you’ll need to remember to apply the convoluted “EMCAWKW92” coupon code before checkout, and redeem a $20 mail-in rebate after the item is shipped.

Thankfully, there’s also a $30 instant rebate to be had that doesn’t require any heavy lifting on your part. And in case the rose gold smartwatch feels a little tacky, the silver variant can be identically slashed from $350 to $240. No doubt for a limited time only, so hurry up! Or take your chance on one of the looming Android or Tizen-powered Apple Watch “killers.” Your call.

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