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LG V-500/V-507L spotted at Bluetooth SIG, an Android tablet with S4 Pro CPU?

You know how there’s a rumor going around that Google’s next Nexus 7 might be co-branded by LG? That sounded pretty ridiculous at first, with LG being absent from the tablet world since 2011, but now it’s a little less preposterous.


A seemingly mysterious LG device known as the V-500 or V-507L has been spotted getting Bluetooth certification ahead of an unveiling that could well happen next month, during IFA in Berlin. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, as the Koreans are known for putting their eggs in as many baskets as possible (read: release a boatload of phones with similar looks and close specs).

Only we have reason to believe this V500/V507L is not a phone. The “design description” line in the Bluetooth SIG docs calls it an “LG Mobile Device”, not an “LG Mobile Phone”. Also, the last LG gadget to carry a model number with a “V” in it was, you guessed it, the defunct Optimus Pad (aka V900). So that can only mean one thing: it’s a tablet.


How sure are we of that? Pretty sure, especially with rumors of LG getting back in the slate game emerging a few times before. Plus, what better way to show Google the company is qualified for the Nexus 7 program other than a trial run?

With that in mind, you should probably not hold your breath for an LG-made spec-busting 10-inch “iPad killer”. Instead, my guess is the upcoming LG G Tab, G Pad, or however it will be called, will sport a 7-inch screen, budget-conscious price point and quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro or 600 CPU.

That last part may have already been confirmed through Bluetooth SIG, just like the existence of a 4G LTE-enabled variant (the V507L). The only other feature known is Bluetooth 4.0 support, so everything else shall remain up in the air at least until early September.

Via [Unwired View]

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