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LG unveils world’s first glasses-free 3D monitor D2000 with eye-tracking technology


LG looks to be leading in the glasses-free 3D space with their Optimus 3D smartphone and now, the company has unveiled the glasses-free 3D monitor which claims to be the world's first. The 20-inch D2000 monitor incorporates eye-tracking technology (with its built-in camera) to offer superb 3D visual experience to users.

LG today unveiled the world’s first glasses-free monitor utilizing eye-tracking technology to provide an optimal 3D visual experience at most viewing angle. The 20-inch D2000 monitor was developed as a fully functional entertainment display capable of reproducing games, movies and images in all their realistic glory. The D2000's 3D effect comes courtesy of glasses-free parallax barrier 3D technology, and the application of the world’s first eye-tracking feature to the monitor.
Existing glasses-free 3D technologies generally require viewers to stay within a tightly restricted angle and distance to perceive the 3D images. However, the D2000 is able to offer viewers more freedom and comfort viewing. Eye tracking in the D2000 works via a special camera sensor attached to the monitor which detects changes in the user’s eye position in real-time. With this information, the monitor calculates the angle and position of the viewer and adjusts the displayed image for the most optimum 3D effect. In addition to playing back existing 3D content, the D2000 has a highly refined 2D to 3D conversion feature which adds a new dimension to existing movies and game playing.
The D2000 will be available in Korea this month, and introduced to other countries in the latter part of 2011.

Source: Korea Newswire

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