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LG TwinWash Line Caters to Every Household With New Wash Additions

Last week in Singapore, Korean tech giant LG showcased its total laundry solution with the latest launch of smaller capacity TwinWash washing machines. This brings to LG’s entire laundry care system full circle, with a fully-fleshed family of TwinWash washing machines, dryers, and the LG Styler.

LG’s latest additions to the TwinWash line of laundry solutions brings its laundry line-up full circle. Image: LG

All TwinWash products are Wi-Fi enabled for smart-home integration via the SmartThinQ app. LG’s impressive line-up boasts the ability to revolutionise each and every part of the laundry process, promoting ease and efficiency of household chores.

Initially launched in 2017, LG’s prominent TwinWash line transcends the obstacles faced by conventional washers, allowing separate loads of laundry (ie: whites and non-whites) to be done simultaneously. This is achieved by appending a mini-washer to a main washing machine, in an innovative space-saving stackable configuration. With the unveiling of smaller capacity models, the TwinWash appliances now come in a good range of capacities, meeting the laundry needs of even the most clothing-intensive households.

The latest release comprise of smaller capacity models, including the washer-only 8kg and 9kg variants, and a washer-dryer combination with capacities of 8/5kg and 9/6kg. These main units may be paired with a stainless steel 2kg mini washer, catering well to space-constrained Singaporean homes.  All appliances also come with innovative features that put to rest any concerns consumers might harbour over laundry care.

Space-saving, time-saving and effective. Image: LG

LG’s TrueSteam technology penetrates fabrics with steam to eliminate 99.9% of household allergens, wrinkles and odours. On the other hand, the TurboWash function shortens the time taken for each washing cycle, ensuring delicate and proper fabric care. LG’s newest dryers also boast the least energy consumption within the Singaporean market with a 5-tick rating from the NEA, thanks to their industry-leading Dual Inverter Heat Pump.

All LG TwinWash models are now retailing at leading appliance stores.

LG TWINWash® Washer Dryer Washer Dryer Washer Washer Mini Washer
Model TWC1409H2E TWC1408H3E TWC1408S3E TWC1409S2W TC2402NTWV
Wash Capacity (kg) 9kg 8kg 8kg 9kg 2kg
Dry Capacity (kg) 6kg 5kg
S$1,949 S$1,749 S$1,599 S$1,649 $899


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  1. I enjoyed the product you shared. A washing machine with many great features.

  2. All appliances brand I trusted ever since before, television, refrigerator, air cooler even my laptop I trusted this kind of brand as they will last longer.

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