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LG taunts Samsung and Sony with 3D TV advertisements


LG has decided to go with the aggressive approach on marketing their 3D LCD TVs, and to the extend of taunting competitors including Samsung and Sony. In the latest advertisements, the company has provoked the two manufacturers about the use of active shutter glasses while LG uses the patented film patterned retarder (FPR) technology.

Korean manufacturer LG is looking to establish itself as the leader in the 3D TV space as it mocks the competitors of archrival Samsung and even Sony. According to a news report from Korea Times, the company is going aggressive for its patented film patterned retarder (FPR) technology, which claims to offer sharper image quality than rival products while allowing viewers to wear less-clunky glasses. LG is also said to be increasing its advertising budget for their marketing campaigns.

Apparently, in an advertisement published in the latest edition of USA Today, LG asks, "Hey Sony and Samsung, remind us why people need those heavy, battery-burdened, left-right blinkety-sync 3D glasses?", while earlier ads in Wall Street Journal and New York Times, the company has advised Samsung and Sony to stick to 2D instead. Such move isn't new, seeing how Apple advertisements show the superiority of Macs to the PCs or even iPhones to other smartphones. Samsung and Sony have yet to comment on the LG advertisements at press time. Samsung and Sony’s 3D TVs are based on active-shutter 3D technology and claim to provide more vivid images, though the 3D glasses are more expensive, heavy and require battery to operate.

Source: The Korea Times

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