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LG sends out invitations, Optimus G2 incoming?

LG has sent out invitations for what looks to be a smartphone event. It will be held on May 30th and includes a side angle shot of what will probably their new handset.

LG has just recently sent out invitations for a new event they are holding at the end of the month on May 30th. The capitalized G on the invitation as well as the side-angle shot of a smartphone suggests that the event will be to announce the next flagship to use the Optimus G branding, possibly (and probably) the G2.

Despite whether or not you're a fan of LG's Android handsets it's hard to deny that since the release of the Optimus G they have been doing a lot better than they have since they got into the smartphone race. They've put renewed focus on quality and matching the high specs that competitors offer, while trying to push them back in the process as well.  Their most recent example of this is the war they've begun with Samsung to be the first to release certain features like the new gestures now popularized by the S4. LG continues to promise to innovate with display technology as well, and if the invitation is anything to go by with the colors bursting out of the screen, maybe they have something up their sleeves.

Source: Techradar

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