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LG rumored to break smartwatch ppi records soon with high-res ‘Nemo’

The mysterious wearable device should sport an unrivaled 480 x 480 pixels resolution, though screen size remains under wraps for the time being.

Finding Nemo


The slowly but steadily flourishing smartwatch market is in for a number of exciting new releases this fall, as Android Wear arranges its latest Apple Watch counter-offensive. The circular Samsung Gear S2 (not Gear A) is essentially confirmed for an IFA announcement next month, the Huawei Watch is already long overdue, while the Moto 360 2 is back in the spotlight and thus likely nigh as well.

Though we’ve heard absolutely nothing from Sony, their SmartWatch 3 is due for a spec bump and especially design renovation too. Last but not least, you may want to get excited about the LG “Nemo.”

The Korean manufacturer was there when the Android Wear program originated, and in the meantime, the OG LG G Watch was rebooted not once, but twice. The Watch Urbane is arguably the handsomest gadget in its class, and it’s hardly obsolete as far as internals go, yet LG reportedly sees the benefits of an early upgrade.

LG Watch Urbane


A 480 x 480 pix upgrade, Phandroid claims after digging up covert information, which would mark an interesting phase in the smartwatch pixel wars. Namely, it’d start a war, given thus far most OEMs followed each other’s suit and capped things off at around 320 x 320.

Assuming the “Nemo” doesn’t noticeably increase the already generous screen real estate of the Watch Urbane (1.3 inches), the resulting pixel density would sit close to 400, up from 245 at the moment. Granted, top-tier handhelds like the Samsung Galaxy S6 are still impossible to catch up to, with 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and 577 ppi.

But both versions of the Apple Watch feature 326 ppi touch-panels, and so, you can probably imagine how sharp a 370 ppi LG “Nemo” would look. By the by, yes, the codename is fishy (pun intended), and as Liliputing notes, it could suggest some sort of Nexus family tie-in. If it’s real to begin with.

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