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LG is reportedly the sole supplier of flexible OLED displays for iWatch

A new rumor claims that iWatch will be released in multiple display sizes, with the flexible OLED panels being provided solely by LG.

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LG has long been rumored to be in the running for the potentially lucrative contract for iWatch displays. Apple was initially believed to source the panels from multiple suppliers, but as per a new rumor out of Vietnam, LG has been tapped as the sole supplier. No confirmation has been received from both companies.

Recently a report claimed that Apple is going to launch two iWatch models at once. One is expected to have a 1.3-inch and the other a 1.5-inch display. It isn’t entirely clear why Apple would do such a thing. Perhaps the slight difference in price could work in its favor in certain markets. Underneath the 1.5-inch panel Apple may even be able to put a slightly bigger battery. Presumably,this could be geared more towards Western markets where Apple can expect customers to pay higher price for a smartwatch. Similar devices have previously been sold at this price point.

The latest rumor says that Apple is going to release the iWatch this September. This isn’t the first time that September has been considered as a possible release timeframe. After all it does make sense. For the past few years Apple has been launching new iPhones in this month and it is expected to do the same this year as well. Since iWatch is widely believed to be positioned as a companion device for the new iPhones it makes sense for Apple to launch them simultaneously. Apple would be taking a page out of Samsung’s playbook, the Korean juggernaut launched Galaxy Gear alongside Galaxy Note 3 and its latest two Gear smartwatches alongside the Galaxy S5.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this year that the company is going to enter new product categories. Though he didn’t specify which categories. TV is one area where we expect some advancements this year. They might come in form of a new and improved Apple TV. As far as the iWatch is concerned, Apple has dropped no hints whatsoever. Rumors, as always, will keep coming in until it tells us something about the elusive smartwatch.

Source: Naver

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