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LG releases UltraWide 2560×1080 29-inch IPS monitor

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Korea’s LG Electronics’s new beast of a monitor has an aspect ratio which comes close to cinema quality.  But how does its other features compare?

The EA93 UltraWide monitor, as its name suggests, is really frickin’ wide, and 29” of screen real estate should be enough for any HD content you can throw at it. Not only that, but the monitor also supports splitscreen mode, which turns your monitor into 2 or 4 subscreens ala Mario Kart. This makes it the perfect choice for multitaskers looking to give their productivity a boost.



Cinephiles and workaholics alike will be absorbed by the capabilities of this device, especially graphic designers and programmers who are used to heaving multiple monitors onto their desk will especially appreciate the efficiency they gain when using splitscreen mode. Being all in the same physical monitor, the subscreens will each have identical colors and resolution to each other. This will solve the problems graphic designers frequently run into when using 2 separate monitors to compare their work on. Speaking of this, the monitor also has 100 sRGB color space, and can be color-calibrated in hardware, which ensures that you can get the most out of its display capabilities.

The 21:9 aspect ratio of the monitor makes it perfect for watching movies. Most movies are shot and edited with the cinema in mind, and generally movie theater screens have an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 or 2.39:1. Watching this movies on your laptop monitor or home TV set causes them to be cropped or distorted from the original format. With the EA93 UltraWide, you can watch movies the way they were intended to be seen. The IPS display technology used by the monitor also allows viewers to sit at practically any angle to the screen and still enjoy the vibrant colors and rich visual quality.



The monitor also includes two 7W stereo speakers and allows gamers to hook up their consoles via HDML or even their smartphones via the included MHL connection, making it possible to watch media and also play games through your phone. Pretty neat, huh?

The LG UltraWide Monitor will be released in its home country Korea early this month, and it should be available globally before the end of the year.



Screen Size                  29W

Aspect Ratio                 21:9

Contrast Ratio              Mega

Resolution                    2560×1080

Color Gamut                 sRGB 100%

Panel                              IPS

Brightness                    300nits

Viewing Angle (V/H)    178/178

Response Time           5ms

Interface                         DVI-D Dual x1, HDMI x2 MHL x1, USB 3.0, Display Port, PC Audio In, Headphone Out



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