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LG rejects ‘super premium’ label for upcoming flagship phone, but Q4 launch is still on

Despite essentially retracting past press statements, the device manufacturer’s CEO and COO suggested to Korean media the premature G4 sequel would go after the Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge Plus and iPhone 6s.


While most major smartphone producers favor a six-month hardware release cycle nowadays, where two flagships are brought to light each year, some still follow a “retro” strategy centered on just one new hero unveiled every 12 months.

And then there are companies which always like to keep busy, with three different high-end rosters under their belt. Case in point, LG, the makers of the G Flex 2, G4, and, in all probability, G4 Pro. And that’s not counting the Nexus 5 (2015), a handheld regulated by Google, but technically manufactured by LG also.

Now, the G4 Pro is far from officially confirmed, but the rumor mill has been clamoring with prospective specs lately and a very reasonable ETA issued by the authoritative voice in mobile leaks. Of course, it all started a long time ago, when LG executives tried to distract us from disappointing G4 sales numbers with the promise of a looming “super premium” phone.


A G-series device like no other, with a metallic build, presumably, and larger than 5.5-inch display. Alas, outfit President Cho Joon Ho denies the “super premium” term ever been bandied about, exhibiting “caution” when speaking to ETNews on the subject of the purported G4 Pro.

This is still coming soon, no reason to fret, but it obviously can’t pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which might be the reason LG wants to keep our expectations low. Hopefully, a construction overhaul remains in the pipeline, alongside a rear camera bump of sorts, RAM upgrade to 4 gigs, and perhaps fingerprint recognition and stylus support additions to G4’s bag of tricks.

That sounds like something we’d stuff into a Christmas stocking following a Q4 (i.e. October) debut, and use as a decent if not “super premium” gift.

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