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LG pushes fun-poking ads to Samsung, Apple and HTC phones, but they mostly miss the mark

Brazen, cheeky and often rude commercials mocking the competition used to be Samsung and Apple territory until not long ago in the mobile landscape, but Nokia and LG have recently joined the fun.

LG G2 vs competition

Interestingly enough, LG, which is still a mere blip on Samsung and Apple’s radar as far as actual device sales are concerned, has chosen to go a little off the beaten path in regards to anti-competition marketing.

That means the Koreans are taking jabs at their opponents not through video ads aired on TV or YouTube or big, shiny billboards posted around crowded intersections. Instead, they’re using targeted banners that appear on specific competing gadgets while their owners are going about their business and web browsing.

Sounds a little annoying, but it’s also pretty smart when you think about it. After all, what better way to make sure your messages reach the exact audience you’re aiming for?


Unfortunately (for LG), the actual messages are not very amusing and some of them are downright confusing. For instance, Samsung Galaxy owners will see ads taunting them for having to wait before their devices “catch up” and encouraging them to upgrade to the “LG G2 with 20% faster processor”.

20% faster than which processor? Galaxy Note 3’s? Don’t think so, since both handhelds are powered by the same Snapdragon 800 platform. Maybe Galaxy S4’s? Maybe, but it’s still confusing.


As for iPhone users, these are likely to get pretty pissed when seeing LG’s targeted ads, which ridicule their small screens aided by a minuscule type asking if it’s “hard to read this on your iPhone?”. Okay, that’s one point for LG, as the text is witty for a change and actually makes a good point.


But what about the HTC One jeer, which ridicules the 4.7-incher’s battery, claiming the LG G2 lasts 30% longer between charges? Well, that may be true, but you’re really comparing apples and oranges there, LG. Fresh apples and fairly old oranges, to be more exact, as the G2 is roughly six months younger than the One and thus obviously more advanced.

What I’m trying to say is it would have been nice if LG had picked on someone G2’s size. Anyone disagree? I’m all ears.

Source: Business Insider

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